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New cycling paths in Frankfurt

The new cycle path on Friedberger Landstrasse has been well received. That was the result of the survey a month after the trail was completed. Majority of the 445 respondents see it as an improvement in the quality of life, because of less noise and fewer cars, because of better air and more safety for children. 67% would like more cycle paths on the main roads; only 1/5 were rather skeptical.

The bike-friendly streets in Frankfurt were discussed at the Goethe University with the participation of city politicians, Radentscheid (= a citizens’ initiative for better bike infrastructure in Frankfurt) and around 100 interested people.

A reduction of car traffic without the traffic collapsing is possible – this is the approach from Radentscheid. Politicians (CDU) support this view too. The paramount idea is an overall concept that integrates everything: business, cycling, walking and public transport. Votes from the local advisory councils are taken into account in the decision. Wherever objections and criticism arose, plans were changed and adjusted if necessary.

Another cycle path from the Schöne Aussicht over Alte Brücke, Elisabethenstraße to the local train station was planned and construction will begin in March 2021.