Climate change is a major concern for young people • Factum
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Climate change is a major concern for young people

“Young people are confronted with great insecurity as a result of Corona – not only in terms of their health, but also on the labour market, in their training, in their social environment. This makes it all the more remarkable that Corona has not repressed the fear of the climate crisis” (Christian Moser, Managing Director of SOS Children’s Villages).

In a study on the concerns of children and young people, the Institute for Youth Culture Research interviewed 400 children and young people aged between 11 and 18. More than three quarters of the children and young people are concerned about environmental pollution and see climate change as a central problem. 88% agree with the statement, “we must act now on climate and environmental protection, otherwise it will be too late”. In comparison, 59% say they are afraid that pandemics may occur more frequently in the future. Only three percent do not believe in climate change.

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