Reducing car trips by promoting alternative modes of transportation


Transport has become an essential part of our life. We use transport to travel to work and to school, to shops or in leisure time. But transport has a number of negative effects that are reflected both in the environment and also in human health. These effects are particularly evident, due to the high density of transport in urban areas. Many city councils have begun to deal with the question how these negative effects of transport could be reduced. Simultaneously with the restrictions of car industry allowing only certain maximum of harmful emissions in exhaust gases, authorities are also promoting a gradual reduction of car trips. This review provides a comprehensive overview of the possibilities of reduction of car trips. The whole review is compiled from technical papers and studies dealing with similar topic. The negative effects of transport in cities are mentioned here and also the possibilities of its replacement by promoting other modes of transportation such as walking, cycling or public transport, since half of all car trips are shorter than 5 km. The last part is dedicated to the structure of the transport in the city of Vienna completed with estimations of possible CO2 emissions reduction if a certain number of car trips could be replaced by other modes of transportation.

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