KidsAct-Sparkling Science Project

KidsAct-Sparkling Science Project

FACTUM is implementing this project jointly with a Middle School in Vienna (KMS Schäffergasse Wien 4). The main objective of the project is to investigate the interaction between car drivers and children to find out to what extent the attitudes and conduct of children in traffic affect the conduct of the car drivers.

The target group of this project are students of lower secondary. The innovative element in this project is the involvement of the students in the research process. At the same time, new methods and approaches will be developed. That way the young students can be sensibilised at early age for the issues of road safety, and become familiar with the state-of-the-art in this field.

This project runs as a part of the promotion program, Sparkling Science, by the Federal Ministry for Science and Research (represented by the OeAD).

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