Enhancing the development of traffic psychology in the Czech Republic

Two years of co-operation between Department of Psychology, Palacký University in
Olomouc, the Centre for Traffic Research CDV in Brno, and FACTUM Traffic and Social
Analyses in Vienna

Tens of thousands of fatalities and hundreds of thousands more people being injured on
European roads every year pose an enormous and, unfortunately, ever-growing problem for
society as a whole. Rather than a necessary toll we pay for our freedom of mobility, it is
a real tragedy that occurs in front of our eyes day after day. Do we ask why and what we can
do differently? How are we to fulfil the Vision Zero Initiative, which finds road fatalities
unacceptable? Is it safer cars, better infrastructure, enforcement of the rules, stricter
sanctions, education and training of drivers, respect for the law? Every measure that we
adopt in an effort to contribute to a greater safety on European roads involves an inherent
psychological aspect. I am convinced that if we want our efforts to be really successful and
the measures we adopt effective, we need to take the factor of human behaviour and its
impact very seriously.

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