International Projects


funded by FP7-TRANSPORT-2012-MOVE-1

Das Ziel des Projekts VRUITS besteht darin auf Basis einer intensiven Grundlagenphase, im Rahmen derer FußgängerInnen, RadfahrerInnen, Moped- und MotorradfahrerInnen aktiv in das Projekt integriert werden, technologische Lösungen zur Verbesserung der Sicherheit und des Komforts dieser „verletzlichen VerkehrsteilnehmerInnengruppen“ weiter zu entwickeln. Der Fokus liegt dabei im gesamten Projekt auf den verletzlichen VerkehrsteilnehmerInnengruppen um im Rahmen der Evaluierung und Entwicklung von Pilotsystemen die nachhaltige Entwicklung in diesem Bereich zu fördern.

Contact person: Daniel Bell

Duration: 2013-2016 (32 months)

Mercurio - A European analysis of the Road Injuries Management System

With the financial support of the European Commission – Directorate General for Mobility and Transport

MERCURIO project aims at performing an accurate and scientifically based analysis of the social and economic impact of road injuries in the immediate and long-term, assessing, through focused research activities, the related costs they place on public finances and households

Contat person: Clemens Kaufmann/Manuel Oberlader

Duration: 12/2012-2015

2BeSafe (PTW)

2-Wheeler Behaviour and Safety

co-funded by the EC, 7th framework programme

The 2BeSafe project analyses PTW rider behaviour and interaction between PTW riders and other road users. It also focuses on the accident causes and human factor. Aim of the project is to enhance the safety for PTW riders.

Contact persons: Manuel Oberlader / Elisabeth Füssl
Duration: until December 2011

ADAPTATION - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

ADAPTATION is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network that aims at investigating behavioural adaptation in response to advanced driver assistance usage

Contact person: Juliane Haupt
Duration: 02/2010 - 01/2014


Actions for Vulnerable, Elderly, Novice drivers and road Users in Europe – for traffic safety

AVENUE for Traffic Safety is a European project that aims as creating referral centres for road safety and actions for citizens.

Contact person: Juliane Haupt
Duration: 8/2010 - 07/2013


Campaigns and Awareness-raising Strategies in Traffic Safety 

CAST - Designing & implementing mass media campaigns and evaluating their (isolated) effect on traffic accidents and other performance indicators

Contact person: Karin Ausserer
Duration: 2006 bis 2009

CHANGE (health of seniors)

Care of Health Advertising New Goals for Elderly people

CHANGE proposes a model of intervention in the frame of the European Lifelong Learning Programme aiming to provide the elderly with necessary competencies how to remain active and to tackle the issue of life expectancy in an appropriate way.

Contact person: Elke Sumper
Duration: 10/2008 - 10/2010

CONSOL - Road Safety in the Ageing Societies - CONcerns and SOLutions

CONcerns and SOLutions

CONSOL is an international project, funded by the European Commission, with partner organisations from 7 European countries aiming at promoting and ensuring safe mobility for all segments of the increasingly heterogeneous ageing European populations.

Contact person: Daniel Bell
Duration: 09/2011 - 09/2013


International Co-operation on Theories and Concepts in Traffic Safety

ICTCT is an association developed out of an international working group of safety experts with the aim to identify and analyse dangerous situations in road traffic on the basis of criteria other than past accidents, analogous to the methods of air and industrial safety.

Contact person: Clemens Kaufmann
Duration: continually


INTERACTION - main objective of the EU project is to understand drivers interactions with In-Vehicle-Technologies.

Contact person: Clemens Kaufmann
Duration: 9/08 - 05/2012


MOtivation to STudy

MOST, a project in the frame of the European Lifelong Learning Programme, offers a motivational Model as well as practicable tools for pedagogues to improve the teacher-pupil interaction and therefore prevent from early school leaving.

Contact person: Elke Sumper
Duration: 12/09 - 11/11

Cost 358

Pedestrian Quality Needs

Contact person: Karin Ausserer
Duration: until 2010