Assess implementations in the frame of Cities of Tommorrow

The Project
Project tasks
State of the art
Preparation of evaluation
Carry out interviews
Transcription and evaluation
Workshop evaluation
Pilot study
Toolbox, Databank, Guidelines
Final report
Project Partners
Project Results


Assess Implementation in the frame of Cities of tomorrow - ASI

A research project supported by the European Commission under the Fifth Framework Programme and contributing to the implementation of the Key Action "Cities of Tomorrow" within the Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development

Contract n: EVG3-CT-2002-80013


  1. Overview: general description of the project, giving information on scientific objectives

  2. Project tasks: methodology and Work Packages description

  3. Project partners: list of institutions/organisations participating in the project with addresses, contact persons and e-mails

  4. Project results: will contain main project issues, reports, publications list, models, relevant data sets

  5. Links: providing list of useful or interesting hyperlinks

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